Emirates Draw Driving Positive Change by Supporting Communities

With a massive AED 794,145 in cash prizes given out to 12,627 winners over the weekend, the Emirates Draw weekly games have once again improved the lives of participants and the community. The industry is expected to revolutionize how we learn, trade, interact, and experience life in ways we had never imagined before as it continues to evolve swiftly. Emirates Draw is dedicated to making a remarkable difference in people’s lives, as well as the UAE community and environment, in keeping with this spirit of advancement and constructive change, making it a true champion of development and innovation. With its weekly games, the socially conscious organization has already positively impacted the lives of an amazing 324,111 people and awarded over AED 86 million in cash.

But that’s not all; as part of the nation’s leading initiatives and dedication to sustainability, Emirates Draw’s flagship Coral Reef Restoration Plan has led to the planting more than 6,464 coral remains around the UAE coastline so far.

About AED 502,326 in cash winners were revealed for the 73rd Sunday game, MEGA7. In addition to the 20 guaranteed winners of the raffle portion this week, one participant in the main draw correctly predicted 5 out of 7 numbers to win AED 77,777, nine participants correctly predicted 4 out of 7 numbers to win AED 7,777, 39 participants correctly predicted 3 out of 7 numbers to win AED 777, and as many as 4,518 participants correctly predicted 2 out of 7 and 1 out of 7 numbers to win AED 56,476. The following game, which will be broadcast live this Sunday, February 26, at 9 PM UAE time, encourages players to play more aggressively in an effort to win more.

On the 21st running of the Friday game, EASY6 awarded 8,040 winners with a whopping AED 291,819 in cash prizes, including six raffle portion winners who were certain of receiving AED 15,000 apiece. This Friday, February 24, at 9 PM UAE time, the next Emirates Draw EASY6 game will be broadcast live, giving participants another chance to participate.

In order to help lucky winners achieve their goals and change lives “For A Better Tomorrow,” Emirates Draw is committed to upholding its promise to support people and the community through its “Games for All” program.

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