Mahzooz Draw Results Today Winning Numbers [Live Update]

Here are the Mahzooz Draw Results Today and the List of Winning Numbers Prizes Live update.

Mahzooz, an Emirates-based lottery platform, can make you rich in seconds by testing your luck. Please have a look at this organization’s slogan, how you can enter their weekly draws, and what positive purposes they are serving besides fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of people around the globe every week. This article also provides this week’s Mahzooz draw results.

Mahzooz (Emirates Loto UAE)

Mahzooz, formerly popular as Emirates Loto, is a platform where you can test your luck and win millions of dirhams every week. It has a slogan that says make dreams happen with Mahzooz. Living by it truly rewards hundreds of lucky participants with vast amounts of money to fulfill their long-lost desires.

Moreover, they are also devoted to contributing to charity through massive donations. They have donated millions of Dirhams for cancer patients, blast victims, special children, and philanthropic organizations.

Mahzooz Draw Results

The latest Grand Draw at Mahzooz was held on every Saturday. The Mahzooz winning numbers declared through balls are below.

Grand Draw Result

(Saturday 70.05.2022)

  • 15 | 40 | 26 | 32 | 48

Raffle Draw Results

(Saturday 07.05.2022)

  • 14260231
  • 14367684
  • 14321369

Guide to Entering in Mahzooz Lottery

Follow the below-mentioned points step-wise to successfully register yourself for the next lucky draw and become a fortunate Mahzooz winner.

  • Visit their official website and sign up or log in to your account.
  • Click on the Play option at the top of the menu.
  • Further, click on Buy Now button.
  • Here, you have to select the number of bottles you are willing to donate. Finally, add them to the cart. Remember, one bottle means a single entry in Raffle Draw and a single line in Grand Draw simultaneously.
  • Select any five numbers by your instinct for each line you got. Add the selected bars to the cart.
  • It’s time to pay now. Click on the Check Out option to make the payment.

Note: The payment can be made either by Credit Balance or Card.

  • You are now finally registered for the Mahzooz lottery. Now, wait for the day when the lucky draw will be held at Mahzooz live show.
  • Become a Mahzooz winner. You will get a message from them, and the winning amount will be automatically added to your account.

Mahzooz Winning Numbers Criteria

You can win the Mahzooz price if your selected numbers match the winning numbers. Have a look at below mentioned details about the winning criteria of Mahzooz Grand Draw:

  • Suppose all the five selected numbers match the winning numbers. In that case, you will be rewarded with a share of the minimum amount of 10 million Dirhams with other top winners.
  • Suppose 4 out of 5 numbers match the winning numbers. In that case, you will share a minimum of 1 million Dirhams with other winners from similar criteria.
  • In the case of 3 matched numbers, you will get a solo prize of 350 Dirhams.

Method to access the Mahzooz Raffle ID for Raffle Draw

Once you have Mahzooz login on your phone, you can easily visualize the Raffle ID beside the five numbers you have chosen to be entered in the lucky draw.

A raffle Draw similar to Grand Draw is held every Saturday at 9 pm (UAE). Three different Raffle IDs are selected through a random number generator application. Each winner gets 100,000 Dirhams if the generated numbers match the figures of their Raffle ID.

Criteria for participation in Mahzooz Lucky Draw

There are specific rules and regulations to abide by when entering the draw at Mahzooz. These rules state that a particular group of people can not be a part of their draws. They are:

  • Shareholders of Mahzooz manager, the manager himself or any of his employees.
  • Any representative of Government or an independent arbitrator.
  • Contractor or consultant of the manager of the insurance, audit, or security methods regarding the draw.
  • An immediate family member of the people, as mentioned earlier.
  • A resident of any banned country or an excluded individual.

Mahzooz App

Mahzooz has become an enormous platform and has since awarded several winners with their winning amount without delay or fraud. Moreover, it is rapidly growing; now, you can even access the platform of Mahzooz lottery as a mobile phone application. The Mahzooz app is available for both Android and iOS users. So download the app and have fun trying your luck in a more organized way!


Does Mahzooz offer any customer support services?

Yes, the customer support services Mahzooz are highly responsive. They include:

  • Phone support; UAE toll free number 800 5825 or +971 4 588 0100 for non-UAE residents.
  • Email support; [email protected]

How to withdraw Mahzooz’s winning amount?

You can either transfer your winning amount to your Credit Balance at Mahzooz or directly withdraw the amount in cash.

Where can I watch Mahzooz live Raffle Draw?

The Raffle Draw at Mahzooz is done on a live show aired on their official website, Facebook page, and YouTube account at 9 pm (UAE) on Saturdays of every week.

Which currency is accepted at Mahzooz for the purchase of products?

All the transactions at Mahzooz are done in UAE Dirhams. The winning amount is also granted in the same currency.

Can non-UAE residents participate in the Mahzooz lottery?

Yes, anyone from any corner of the world can participate in Grand and Raffle draws held at Mahzooz.

What are the Mahzooz results today?

The lucky draw at Mahzooz is held only every Saturday; hence the new results will be announced every week.


Mahzooz is an excellent platform serving the positive cause of charity and making people win a massive amount of money to simultaneously fulfill their dreams. You can also become a part of their noble cause as each product you purchase will be donated.

Moreover, each purchased item will make you close to transforming your life forever by winning a massive amount of money. The Mahzooz draw results might have given you an idea of how the platform works, and you have almost three chances to win with each selected figure of 5 numbers.