A Bangladeshi Expat Wins Dh1,000,000 in the Mahzooz Draw; The First Gold Coin Winner is Announced

Mahzooz weekly draw held its 121st drawing, where 1,063 players shared Dh1,463,000 in prizes, and the third guaranteed winner of Dh1,000,000 was announced as part of its newly introduced prizes.

Ten players divided the second prize of Dh200,000, or Dh20,000 each, while the new top prize of Dh20,000,000 remained unclaimed this week. These participants had to match four of the next five numbers: 2, 4, 21, 24, and 35. Other 1,052 winners who had three out of five numbers match also won Dh250.

Mohammed from Bangladesh, who held the raffle ID number 32284456, won the guaranteed raffle prize of Dh1,000,000 in the 121st draw as part of Mahzooz’s updated reward system, which sees one lucky player become a guaranteed millionaire every week. As part of Mahzooz’s Ramadan gold promotion, which features numerous gold coin wins every week, Mary Grace, owner of the raffle ID 32359322, became the first winner of 100 gms of gold coins in the 121st draw.

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Participants can hope to win various gold prizes throughout the holy month of Ramadan in addition to the already abundant weekly rewards offered. Next week, one lucky player will have the opportunity to win 200g of gold.

The participation requirements have not changed, but the new prizes are bolder and better. They are only available through the live Saturday Mahzooz draw at 9.00 p.m. Participants can enter the weekly draw consisting of the Grand Draw for a chance to win the new top prize of Dh20,000,000, and the new weekly Raffle Draw, which will award Dh1,000,000 each week to a guaranteed millionaire-to-be, for just Dh35 by purchasing a bottle of Mahzooz water.

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