Man unveils his secret that led him to a big win

An Emirates draw winner recently shared the secret behind his significant win with #EDMEGA7. His journey to success wasn’t just about luck; it was about dedication and consistency. These principles have been the cornerstone of his achievements, and he believes they can be the key for many others as well.

The Power of Dedication

Dedication is more than just hard work. It’s about being committed to a goal and not letting anything deter you from reaching it. Ryan’s dedication to his goals was evident in his journey with #EDMEGA7. He didn’t just participate; he was committed to winning.

Consistency is Key

While dedication is about commitment, consistency is about repetition. Doing the right things repeatedly, even when it gets tough, is what sets the winners apart from the rest. Ryan’s consistent efforts and belief in the process were evident in his success story.

Check Out the Results

Curious about the results of #EDMEGA7? View the Mega 7 results here.


Success stories like Ryan’s remind us that while luck can play a part, dedication and consistency are often the more significant factors. Whether it’s in a competition like #EDMEGA7 or in life, these principles can guide us to our goals.

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