🚀 O!Millionaire Live Results: Become an Instant Millionaire Today!

OMillionaire is a  premier lottery in Oman and the UAE. Omillionaire offers a unique blend of exhilaration and social responsibility. With every Green Certificate you purchase, you’re not only securing your chance to win in their captivating Raffle and Grand Prize Match 7 Numbers Draws, but also contributing to the “Oasis Park” – a proud environmental initiative. Here, every ticket is a step towards a greener future and a chance to turn your million-dollar dreams into reality. #Winyourbestlife

O Millionaire Main Draw Winner (AED 89,000,000)


  • 7 | 10  | 15 | 23 | 30 | 38 | 42
Raffle Draw Winning Number (AED AED 100,000)



O! Millionaire Previous Results

23.11.2023 5 | 8  | 15 | 17 | 25 | 42 | 44
16.11.2023 3 | 6 | 9 | 21 | 25 | 36 | 43
09.11.2023 1 | 2 | 6 | 8 | 33 | 34 | 35
02.11.2023 1 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 39
26.10.2023 4 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 28 | 30 | 43

OMillionaire results

Prize list

Match Prize
7 out of 7 AED 89,000,000
6 out of 7 AED 500,000
5 out of 7 AED 5,000
4 out of 7 AED 500
3 out of 7 AED 10
Raffle ID Match AED 100,000

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How to Play O!Millionaire

  1. Get Your Ticket: For a mere AED 25, you can secure your spot in the weekly RAFFLE DRAW and MAIN DRAW.
  2. Choosing Your Numbers: Opt for any 7 numbers between 1 and 44 for each ticket. If you’re feeling lucky, let the system choose with the ‘Quick Pick All Entries’ option. Tehen Click the button ‘Buy the green certificate.
  3. Registration: Complete the registration form, Click continue to add more entries to increase your chances of winning.
  4. Payment: Continue to review your cart and click pay to confirm.
  5. Understanding the Main Draw: If your numbers match in any sequence, you could win the Grand Prize of AED 100,000,000.
  6. Raffle Draw Details: Every week, a lucky participants stand a chance to win AED 100,000


  1. What is Omillionaire?
    Omillionaire is a popular lottery game in Oman and the UAE, offering players a chance to win substantial cash prizes through regular draws.
  2. How Many Million in One Billion?
     1 billion comprises a 1000 million. The odds of winning in Omillionaire are similar to other lotteries; it’s challenging but definitely possible!
  3. How to Check Today’s O Millionaire Winners List?
    Stay updated with our live update featuring today’s winners. Bookmark this page for daily updates right after each draw.
  4. What Are the Draw Times for Omillionaire?
    Omillionaire draws are held weekly every Thursday at 8.00 pm, UAE time. Set a reminder with us to never miss a draw!
  5. Can International Players Join Omillionaire?
    Yes, Omillionaire welcomes international participants.
  6. What is a Green Certificate and how does it relate to purchasing an Omillionaire ticket?
    When you buy a Green Certificate, you’re not only getting your entry into the Omillionaire lottery draws, but you’re also contributing to the “Oasis Park” – a key environmental project by O! Millionaire. Each Green Certificate comes with a unique code, which serves as your ticket for two different draws in the Omillionaire lottery.
  7.  What are my chances of winning if I buy more than one Green Certificate?Purchasing multiple Green Certificates increases your chances in the Raffle Draw. Here’s how it works:
    • If you buy one Green Certificate, you get one entry in both the Raffle Draw and the Grand Prize Match 7 Numbers Draw.
    • If you buy two or more Green Certificates, you get multiple entries in the Raffle Draw – meaning each additional certificate gives you another chance to win in the Raffle. However, each certificate still counts as one entry in the Grand Prize Draw.
  8.  Where does my contribution go when I purchase a Green Certificate?Your purchase of a Green Certificate contributes to the “Oasis Park” project, an environmental initiative by O! Millionaire. This is a way to participate in the lottery while also supporting a green cause.
  9. How to contact oMillionaire team?
    You can email support@omillionaire.com or call toll free number 800 645 54667. Anyone outside UAE can contact +971521908386
  10. How does the unique code on my Green Certificate work?The unique code on your Green Certificate is your entry ticket for two types of draws in the Omillionaire lottery:
    1. The Raffle Draw: Your code enters you into this draw, giving you a chance to win exciting prizes.
    2. The Grand Prize Match 7 Numbers Draw: This is the main event where matching all seven numbers can win you the grand prize of upto 100,000,000 AED.