Emirates Draw Results Today Winning Numbers [Live Update]

Check Out The Live Emirates Draw Results Today And See The Winning Numbers Online.

Emirate Draw is the biggest and most unique draw to be held in Dubai. Emirates Draws are usually held to have a great initiative behind them. This draw aims to improve the lives of residents in Dubai, and a large amount is to be donated to preserve the Coral Reef program in Fujairah to protect marine life and biodiversity.

What is Emirates Draw?

Emirates Draw is an environment-friendly and socially active company that is based in the Fujairah state of the United Arab Emirates. They are doing marketing exciting events, draws and products in socially beneficial projects.

Emirates Draw is using the latest technology to perform an entertaining draw for its consumers in the UAE. By following the CSR approach, their main focus is to contribute to the socially and environmentally friendly initiative’s services that will help and support UAE regional programs.

Emirates Draw’s mission is to give back to their consumers and community, every emirates draw ticket purchase has an impact on community lives and the UAE region because they are contributing to a healthier society and making a great future for better living and working in the UAE.

Emirates Draw Results Today

Here are the emirates draw winning numbers of today’s result.

Main Draw Winner


  • 1 | 0 | 9 | 1 | 5 | 8 | 2
Raffle Draw Winners


  • 2277981
  • 2079539
  • 2262063
  • 2301202
  • 2272601
  • 2278180
  • 2269830

Emirates Draw: A Quick Guide

Emirates draw usually happens in Dubai, and September 25, 2021, was when the first draw occurred. It is the latest and the most prominent attraction to open in Dubai, which frequently happens weekly.

But before entering into the draw you must know Emirates Draw Game Rules.

Every week there are seven lucky winners of AED 77,777 from Emirates Draw. Not only has this, but winners also scored to achieve an entry in the Grand Prize of AED 77,777,777, and which is the largest prize in the entire history of Dubai. Let us have a look below for a complete understanding.

How to win in Emirates Draw?

It is more about a luck game, after the registration and online ticket booking, all participants are entered into the Emirates Draw. This draw is usually a kind of lottery draw that happens live online every week and announces one AED 77 million winner and seven raffle winners of AED 77,777.

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This draw picks seven winners randomly. In the main draw, winners need to have the winning combination of seven numbers. Numbers matched in exact order will make an individual 77 million winner.

Emirates Draw Ticket Price

The ticket price of Emirates draw is AED 50/- only for one ticket.

If you want, you can buy unlimited tickets and even you can buy tickets for the 5 draws in advance.

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Emirates Draw Prize List

The first main draw will be for the person for matches all of the 7 winning numbers, below you can check the details. Emirates Draw has to offer Seven Prizes for seven lucky winners weekly. Here is a guide to Emirates Draw Prize List for your better understanding.

Emirates Draw Prize List

  1. AED 77,777,777 Dirhams prize for matching 7 out of 7 digits.
  2. AED 777,777 Dirhams prize for matching 6 out of 7 digits.
  3. AED 77,777 Dirhams for matching 5 out of 7 digits.
  4. AED 7,777 Dirhams for matching 4 out of 7 digits.
  5. AED 777 Dirhams for matching 3 out of 7 digits.
  6. AED 77 Dirhams for matching 2 out of 7 digits.

How To Enter into Emirates Draw?

To enter Emirates Draw, you have to create an account and login into emirates draw and buy a Dh50 ticket from the official Emirates Draw App or website. You can have a perk to select your 7-digit number, or the system automatically assigns one for you. Once the number you choose is confirmed, it is locked, and no one can have that number like yours.

Emirates Draw Live Time

Emirates Draw will go live every Saturday at 7.00 pm. You can check the winning numbers on their official website. You can also watch the live draw on their youtube channel and other social media platforms.

Furthermore, all the winners will get email and SMS notifications on their registered email and mobile number.

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Official Contact Details

The official customer service center number of emirates draw is: +971 9 237 7723 and you can contact by email to: [email protected]


Emirates Draw has all kinds of approvals from the local government. It makes it a crystal transparent and fair opportunity for people. Emirates Draw is to be held and watched by the worldwide space, there is no risk of any fraud.

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