Winner of Emirates Draw MEGA7 From Pakistan Missed AED 100 Million By One Ball

Emirates Draw The new gaming structure that turned out to be a game-changer was a great way for MEGA7’s 76th edition to come to a close. Due to the new format, which removed the requirement that the winning numbers match in the right order, the popular Sunday game saw a considerable increase in the number of winners and total prize money. Comparing last week’s draw to the prior week’s, there were 32% more winners and over 20% more in total prize money. Rizwan Iftikhar was one of the fortunate winners of the revamped MEGA7, matching six of the seven numbers and almost missing out on the life-changing AED 100 million. After the results were announced, he talked about his victory and the path that led to it.

A 41-year-old banking professional who has lived in the UAE for over 30 years, Rizwan Iftikhar, has won AED 250,000 in the Emirates Draw MEGA7’s improved gameplay format. Rizwan, who resides in Abu Dhabi with his wife and child, has been playing every week for more than a year, and his dedication paid off when he correctly identified 6 out of 7 numbers. “I have taken part in many other drawings, but this is my first important win, and it came from Emirates Draw,” Rizwan said in response to his success.

While recognizing that he couldn’t help but think about the one remaining number that could have completely transformed his life, he also expressed his thankfulness for the victory. Before being notified of his triumph by the Emirates Draw team, Rizwan was unaware of it. He added that the new gameplay structure was more user-friendly for players and significantly enhanced winning chances as the restriction against matching numbers from right to left was lifted.

Rizwan responded that he hadn’t considered an immediate use for the cash award because he was still processing the news when questioned about his plans for the prize money. But, he aspires to keep participating and win the AED 100 million grand prize, encouraging others to participate and play responsibly. The accessibility of Emirates Draw MEGA7’s weekly draws, with their affordable entry ticket prices and the possibility of life-changing prizes, is highlighted by Rizwan’s story.

The new gameplay style has already generated much player interest and the potential to reach significantly higher victories. Emirates Draw MEGA7 is still dedicated to giving its customers the greatest possible gaming experience, and it works hard to add cutting-edge features that add to the excitement of the game.

A single person or group of persons who match all seven numbers in any order have yet to claim the AED 100 million Grand Prize, the largest in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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