Emirates Draw MEGA7 Breaks Records With a Second Prize Winner in the New Format Gameplay

This new format has increased the chances of winning by removing limitations on the order of the winning numbers. A total of 5,570 winners shared a cash prize of Dh 514,558 last week. Nisar Madatheentavida Thazha was one of the top winners, matching six of the seven numbers and coming within one number of the Dh 100 million top prize.

Along with his wife, Thazha, an Indian national who has lived in the UAE for over 14 years, manages events. He was delighted that Emirates Draw had sent him a congratulations email because he had no idea that his wife had been taking part in the weekly games for more than a year. “I received an email from Emirates Draw congratulating me, but I didn’t remember entering, so I assumed it was spam. But, once my wife informed me that she had been taking part, I checked my account and, sure enough, discovered a whopping Dh250,000 in my wallet balance, “remembers Thazha.

The pair entered several raffles and drawings over the years but never won anything until this victory with Emirates Draw MEGA7, according to 41-year-old Thazha, who still finds his success perplexing. “She matched six out of seven digits; matching all seven would have been a lifelong accomplishment, but we are still really grateful for the win,” Thazha continues.

The couple, whose company was significantly harmed by the pandemic, receives the victory at a crucial stage. The events sector came to a complete halt due to the pandemic, but thanks to Emirates Draw’s assistance and the market rebound, Thazha and his wife intend to use their winnings to resume their company’s post-pandemic expansion. His victory inspires Nisar and encourages others to participate in the weekly contests by saying, “One weekly entry won’t affect your costs or ability to support yourself, but it has the power to change your life completely. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I believe that everyone should aspire to have it and make an effort to improve their circumstances.”

Emirates Draw MEGA7 keeps setting records and demonstrating its dedication to giving participants more winning opportunities.

A single person or group of people who match all seven numbers in any order have yet to claim the Dh 100 million grand prize, the greatest in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The forthcoming match will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube by Emirates Draw. Book your numbers as soon as possible to become the next lucky winner!

Visit www.emiratesdraw.com or dial the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 for additional details. Follow @emiratesdraw on social media for the most recent information.

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