Emirates Draw MEGA7 New Format Winners Announced

The MEGA7 game from Emirates Draw held its 76th edition over the weekend with the introduction of the new format, awarding cash prizes totaling Dh535,877. In addition to the 15 winners of the guaranteed raffle, who each received Dh10,000, one lucky participant in the main draw matched six out of seven digits to win Dh250,000, while 7,233 other participants matched five, four and three out of seven digits to win a combined Dh135,877.

Over the weekend, Emirates Draw awarded cash rewards to 12,440 winners of its games.

After 18 months of operation, the MEGA7 game was changed to accommodate participants’ demands by removing the need to match winning numbers from right to left. The game has been simplified, which makes winning and obtaining the Grand Prize easier.

Instead of the traditional 70-ball format, players can now choose their seven numbers between 1 and 37 in any order for a Dh50 entry fee, which heightens the thrill of the game. With the new MEGA7, players can win Dh7 for matching three of the seven numbers, Dh50 for matching four, and Dh1,000 for matching five. The Grand Prize, the biggest in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia stands at Dh100 million until one person or a group matches all seven numbers in any order. Participants who match six numbers split a prize of Dh250,000.

On March 19, there will be another game.

In the previous round of the 24th Friday game, EASY6, 5,205 winners received cash prizes totaling Dh279,199, including six raffle winners who were guaranteed to receive Dh15,000 each. Also, players can participate in the upcoming Emirates Draw EASY6 game, which will be broadcast live on March 17.

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