The Popularity of Emirates Draw Among Indians: 130,000 Indian Winners So Far

emirates draw mega 7

The Emirates Draw has so far awarded over Dh40 million in cash prizes to over 130,000 Indians from the UAE and elsewhere, according to the draw’s organizers. In its 70th episode, Emirates Draw MEGA7 reported cash winners of over Dh700,755. The highest prize in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, the Grand Prize of Dh100 … Read more

1,670 Participants Take Home a Total Prize of AED 1,872,600 in 113th Super Saturday Draws

113th mahzooz draw

Many players’ fortunes were changed by the 113th Super Saturday draws at Mahzooz, which welcomed them into the good life. 1,670 contestants shared AED 1,872,600 in prize money from the draws. Mahzooz, run by EWINGS, is the most popular weekly draw in the UAE with the greatest payouts and has produced 31 multi-millionaires in just … Read more

Opportunity to Win AED 120 Million with Emirates Draw MEGA7

Emirates Draw Mega 7

The most recent episodes of Emirates Draw’s weekly “Games for All” concluded yesterday, with a staggering AED 676,755 aggregate winnings in the EASY6 and MEGA7 games, bringing the total sixteen-month prize winnings to over AED 84 million. 3308 winners of the well-liked Sunday game received cash payouts totaling more than AED 400,203. Participants have one … Read more

Indian Expats Overtook 111th Mahzooz Super Saturday Draws

Mahzooz Draw

Winners from India outnumbered those from other countries in Mahzooz’s 111th Super Saturday drawings, which were held on January 14, 2023. In those draws, 434 Indians won second and third prizes as well as the raffle draw category. 22 winners from various countries who shared the second prize of AED 1,000,000 received a total of … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

big ticket abu dhabi

With the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle draw, becoming an overnight millionaire or owning a luxury vehicle is not so far-fetched. Over the years, the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle has transformed many people’s lives by making their dreams a reality. If you haven’t heard about this monthly raffle draw for cash and luxury cars, … Read more

The 111th Super Saturday Drawings Total of 1,009 Participants Won a Total Prize of AED 1,644,400

Many people’s fortunes were changed by the 111th Super Saturday draws at Mahzooz, which welcomed them into the good life. 1,009 winners shared a total prize pool of AED 1,644,400 over the drawings. The most popular weekly draw in the UAE, Mahzooz, which is run by EWINGS, has produced 31 multi-millionaires and more than 220,000 … Read more

Emirates Draw Announces Exclusive AED 180 Million Grand Prize

  UAE’s Dubai: January 1st marked the formal conclusion of the final Emirates Draw weekly “Games for All” episodes for 2022, with significant victories. The socially responsible organization revealed the exclusive MEGA7 Grand Prize of AED 180 million, which will be awarded just this coming week. The biggest Grand Prizes in the Middle East, Africa, … Read more