Which is the Biggest Lottery in UAE

1. Mahzooz

Mahzooz is the GCC’s only weekly live draw, and millions of dirhams are up for grabs each week. It is dedicated to giving back to the community and assisting people in achieving their goals. Simply set up an account online. Each purchased product entitles you to one free entry into the Mahzooz Grand Draw and Mahzooz Raffle Draw.
Mahzooz is the first weekly draw on Saturday. The first prize has been raised to AED 10 million. Previously, it was AED 50 million. AED 35 is the price of each item (including VAT). You can only enter one draw at a time. The second prize is AED 1 million, and the third prize is AED 350. Each of the three consolation prizes is valued at AED 100,000.

Winning Amount

Raffle Draw Grand Draw    
Guaranteed Winners Match 5 Out of 5 to Win Match 4 Out of 5 to Win Match 3 Out of 5 to Win
3X AED 100,000      
Every Week AED 10 Million AED 1 Million AED 350

2. Emirates Draw

This is one of the most profitable lucky draws in the UAE and Gulf region. A weekly draw is held every Saturday. When you purchase an Emirates Draw ‘good or service,’ you are assisting in funding one of our selected environmental projects. If desired, each purchase includes one free entry into the Emirates Draw raffle and draw. Each Emirates Draw item only costs AED 50. (VAT included).
Anyone who purchases a product and enters the main draw will also be entered into the weekly raffle. Every week, seven (7) lucky people will be chosen at random to receive a guaranteed prize of AED 77,777 each. You can win in both the Raffle Draw and the Main Draw by matching your numbers.
Winning Amount
• You will win a portion of the Grand Prize if you match all seven (7) numbers correctly.
• If you match six (6) digits in order, you will receive a minimum of AED 777,777. (when checked from right to left).
• The other less important matches will all win the entire pot.

3. Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire

This is the UAE’s oldest lottery. It was initially only available to passengers departing from Dubai Airports. Later, it expanded its venues to include all UAE entry points and Online Trading.
Anyone from any whitelisted country (as determined by the UAE) can now buy a lucky draw ticket for a chance to win USD 1 million. 3.67 billion Dirhams. Each person must pay AED 1,000/- to enter. Only 5000 tickets are drawn in each lucky draw. Once all 5000 tickets for a single series have been sold, the draw takes place.
4. Big Ticket

The biggest and longest-running raffle in the world for cash and high-end vehicles is called Big Ticket. The greatest reward we’ve ever offered is 25 million dirhams, followed by 20 million, 15 million, 12 million, and 10 million dirhams. Additionally, we give you a Jeep Dream car.
The cost of a Big Ticket Millionaire ticket, including VAT, is AED 500. If you purchase two tickets, you’ll get to throw in a third one for free.
In addition to the Big Ticket Millionaire prize drawings, there are numerous Dream Car Promotions where participants can buy tickets for the chance to win a fantastic Jeep.
There are year-round seasonal prize drawings available.

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