55 Year Old Indian Finance Manager Won $1 Million in Dubai Duty Free Draw

Dubai duty free winner

The 55-year-old man is a resident of Doha and works for a company that performs building maintenance. At the most recent Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, which took place on Saturday following the prize-giving ceremony for the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Men’s final, an Indian national who resides in Doha, Qatar, won $1 … Read more

When Luck is On Your Side – Expat Participating for the First Time Won Dh15 Million

Big ticket abu dhabi

Sam Heidaritorshizi, a first-time contestant, was chosen as the grand prize winner and walked away with a whooping Dh15 million prize money at Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Live Event this week. The Turkish national, who has lived in Dubai for four years, immigrated to the UAE and is currently the managing director of a pharmaceutical … Read more

The Lucky Winner of The Mahzooz Draw Receives Dh10 Million

Mahzooz Draw Millionaire

On February 25, 2023, a lucky winner received Dh10 million in the Mahzooz 117th Super Saturday Draws. 38 winners shared the second-place prize of Dh1 million, winning Dh26,315 each. 1,303 winners shared the third-place award of Dh350. Yasemin from Turkey, Mohammed, and Saurabh from India are the three raffle draw winners who each received Dh100,000. … Read more

Emirates Draw to Reveal Major Changes

Emirates Draw

As February draws to a close, Emirates Draw kept up its recent trend of bringing about a positive impact in both the community and the lives of its participants. A stunning AED 697,905 in cash prizes were awarded to 8,114 victors of the weekly games as the weekend came to a close. Emirates Draw has … Read more

At the 115th Mahzooz Super Saturday Draws, A First-Time Participant from Oman Experiences Beginner’s Luck

mahzooz draw

The huge prizes of Mahzooz, the top weekly draw in the UAE with the most frequent and highest payout, continue to benefit thousands of winners. As many as 1,847 winners received AED 1,931,050 in cash prizes during the 115th Super Saturday draws, and 41 of them split the second prize of AED 1,000,000. As usual, … Read more

Emirates Draw Driving Positive Change by Supporting Communities

emirates draw uae

With a massive AED 794,145 in cash prizes given out to 12,627 winners over the weekend, the Emirates Draw weekly games have once again improved the lives of participants and the community. The industry is expected to revolutionize how we learn, trade, interact, and experience life in ways we had never imagined before as it … Read more

With its Valentine’s Day Flash Sale, Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Offers Residents the Chance to Win Millions

Big Ticket Valentine's Flash Sale

In addition to the Dh15 million grand prize, there is a Dh1 million second prize and two additional prizes for the March 3 draw. With its Valentine’s Day flash sale, Big Ticket is now providing more opportunities for users to become millionaires. Big Ticket is giving customers an additional chance to win big from Monday … Read more

Expats From India and Nepal Each Won Dh100,000 in the Mahzooz Draw

Mahzooz Draw Updates

The total winnings of the remaining 1,847 participants were over Dh1.9 million. However, the Dh10 million grand prize has not yet been collected. At Mahzooz’s 115th Super Saturday draws, 1,847 players won a combined Dh1,931,050 in prizes. Mahzooz, which is run by EWINGS, has produced 31 multimillionaires in the past two years. Even though the … Read more

Tajik Expat Wins $1 Million in Dubai Duty Free Draw

The first “Millennium Millionaire” from Tajikistan is Abduvali Akhmad Ali. At Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport’s Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, a Tajik migrant won $1 million. The Millennium Millionaire Series 413 was won by Abduvali Akhmad Ali after his ticket number 4226 was accepted. On January 16, he had ordered the ticket … Read more

Lucky Nepali Expat Wins Dh23 Million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw

Ranjit Kumar Pal, a Nepali expat living in Qatar, wants to try his luck again after winning Dh23 million in the Series 248 of the Big Ticket raffle draw held in Abu Dhabi. Pal won with ticket number 232936, which he purchased on January 16. He has been working at a money exchange company in … Read more