Emirates Draw to Reveal Major Changes

As February draws to a close, Emirates Draw kept up its recent trend of bringing about a positive impact in both the community and the lives of its participants. A stunning AED 697,905 in cash prizes were awarded to 8,114 victors of the weekly games as the weekend came to a close. Emirates Draw has been on a quest to continually bring about substantial change “For A Better Tomorrow” since its founding more than seventeen months ago. With the weekly games, the socially responsive organization has improved the lives of 332,223 players by awarding them with cash rewards totaling more than AED 87 million.

But, the effects of Emirates Draw go beyond just giving away cash. The group has also embraced the Coral Reef Restoration Plan, which has been instrumental in planting more than 6,464 coral fragments around the UAE coastline. As a result, marine habitats have recovered, supporting the UAE’s pioneering efforts and dedication to sustainability.

In order to benefit a larger audience and make the games more fascinating and engaging, Emirates Draw recognizes the value of ongoing innovation and improvement. In light of this, the Emirates Draw team is thrilled to announce that the well-liked Sunday game will soon unveil historical modifications for Emirates Draw MEGA7 participants. For additional information on how to increase your chances of winning big, keep an eye on the Emirates Draw website and social media outlets.

About AED 419,096 in cash winners were revealed for the 74th Sunday game, MEGA7. Aside from the 20 guaranteed raffle winners this week, one participant in the main draw matched 5 out of 7 numbers to win AED 77,777, three participants matched 4 out of 7 numbers to win AED 7,777, thirteen participants matched 3 out of 7 numbers to win AED 777. As many as 3,010 participants matched 2 out of 7 and 1 out of 7 numbers to win AED 40,110. In the upcoming game, which will be broadcast live this Sunday, March 5, at 9 PM UAE time, play more to win more.

Regarding the 22nd edition of the fantastic Friday game, EASY6 declared 5,067 winners, awarding a whopping AED 278,809 in cash prizes, including six raffle component winners who were assured of receiving AED 15,000 apiece. The following Emirates Draw EASY6 game will be broadcast live this Friday, March 3, at 9 PM UAE time, giving participants another chance to participate.


Emirates Draw keeps improving on its commitment to helping people and the community through its “Games for Everyone” to help lucky winners achieve their goals and change their lives “For A Better Tomorrow.”

The upcoming matches will be broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook, and the website of Emirates Draw. Book your numbers as soon as possible to become the next lucky winner!

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