How to Win Mahzooz Draw? (Rules for Winning)

Whenever the Mahzooz Draw is held, you will be able to win the prize by matching the six numbers drawn each week during the draw date. Matching a minimum of three numbers will earn you a minimum gratuity of AED 350. Matching all six numbers will allow you to win a maximum prize of AED 50,000,000!

In the UAE, gambling is illegal, so you can check out their website to see who has won thousands of dirhams. In contrast, there is a particular set of sanctions for online lottery services such as Mahzooz. Don’t forget to look into this event if you’re interested. It will be a pleasure to take part in lottery draws like this. Lotteries like Mahzooz reward players with cash every week. A worthwhile investment, especially if you try here frequently.

The winners and their respective Mahzooz prizes are listed below:

AED 50 Million Mahzooz tickets must have all six numbers matched.
AED 1 Million Mahzooz tickets must match all five numbers.
AED 1000 All four numbers must match on Mahzooz tickets.
AED 350 Mahzooz tickets must match all three numbers.

If more than one winner wins in a particular category, then the prize money will be divided accordingly. It’s a winner-takes-all competition in which the money goes to the winner.

Most people choose birth dates as the six numbers. Choosing a number between 32 and 49 will ensure you are a winner for yourself. Due to the machine picking random numbers, you cannot win. When you win, you won’t share the prize with many people.

Rules of Mahzooz for a winning prize

Raffle Draw Rules

  • Each Raffle Draw will have at least three Winning Raffle IDs.
  • Announcing the winning Raffle IDs will be their sole discretion, and the participants will receive AED 100,000 each.
  • Raffle IDs correspond to each Line, so one Participant can win more than one Raffle Prize.

Grand Draw Rules

Prizes in each Grand Draw fall into three categories:

  • In the Grand Draw, the Participant must correctly match three winning numbers in any one line;
  • The Participant has correctly picked a matching four-number combination from the Grand Draw Winning Numbers;
  • An individual has perfectly matched all five numbers from a Grand Draw Line.
  1. It is important to note that the minimum top prize for Match Five is AED 10,000,000. If we feel we have to increase the Match Five Prize, we will do so at our discretion. Each Match Five winner will receive an equal prize.
  2. The Manager will decide on Match Four Prizes before each Grand Draw. Prizes will depend on the number of Lines drawn in the previous Grand Draw but cannot be less than AED 1,000,000. All Match Four winners will receive equal prizes. If no winner appears for the last Grand Draw, the Match Four Prize rolls over to the next. Match Four Prize continues until a winner appears.
  3. AED 350 will go to every Match Three winner.

The Grand Draw winner will only receive the prize category matching their winning number.

General Rules

  • A winner will be notified by email and push notification, where appropriate. You must claim the prize.
  • All monetary Prizes may be subject to federal and jurisdictional income taxes.
  • Some additional policies and rules apply to Mahzooz.


Any UAE resident who desires to get rich quickly should consider Mahzooz. To participate in a raffle or online event, you must understand how things work, the requirements, and everything else. A kiosk or an online payment is all that is required here. Entry into the competition is subject to a charge of 35 dirhams.

The more luck you have, the better your chances are of success. Follow their social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, and pick your best six numbers for their weekly draw.

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