What is Raffle Draw in Mahzooz?

Mahzooz is an online raffle draw similar to Emirates Lotto, which takes place online. As part of the online Mahzooz Draw, UAE residents can compete for a weekly cash prize if all six numbers on their ticket match those drawn during the raffle. Guest registration is available online or through the Mahzooz app.

As a matter of principle, Sharia law prohibits gambling. The Emirati laws do not expressly prohibit online lottery games. UAE lotteries are among the largest in the world, and many ex-pats have won them as well. Let’s take a closer peek at one of the biggest online lotteries in the UAE, Mahzooz. Here’s some info you need to know.

How do I enter the Mahzooz Raffle Draw?

Below are the steps to enter the Mahrooz Raffle Draw:

  1. First, you will need to log in at mahzooz.ae if you have already made an account there. In any case, you must first create an account. Email addresses and phone numbers are necessary in order to do so.
  2. Following the registration process, you must agree to the terms of service.
  3. Your mobile number and email address will receive an OTP (one-time password). You can input this code if you wish to log in to your account online.
  4. Once you access your account, you can begin playing. To do so, click the PLAY button in the top-left corner.
  5. Next, select how many digits per ticket you want to enter. It is possible to make a maximum of 300 entries at a time. The draw requires six numbers in each entry.
  6. For each round of the draw, you will need to pay for the entries you wish to enter. Using a credit card or debit card is the easiest way to pay. There is a fee of AED 35 per ticket.
  7. Streaming of the Mahzooz Facebook Page’s raffle draws every Saturday at 9 pm.
  8. Click ‘My Account at the top right of the website, then ‘Account Details,’ and then ‘My Games’ will bring up your ticket. Numbers ascend descendingly. Mail orders are also accepted.

How to withdraw your raffle draw winnings?

  1. Using your existing account, log in.
  2. In the Balance Summary or Total Balance of My Account, choose Transfer/Withdraw.
  3. You can use your winnings in future games by clicking Transfer all Winnings.
  4. You can withdraw your winnings by entering the withdrawal amount.
  5. Decide how you want to withdraw.
  6. Using the withdrawal form, you may withdraw money from the program.
  7. Withdrawal confirmation will be emailed or texted to you.

How much is the minimum Mahzooz Raffle Prize?

As a raffle winner, you only need to match three combinations. Accordingly, the following is the structure of Mahzooz’s raffle prizes:

  • Several winners will share the money for the Match Six Prize, which has a minimum jackpot of 50 million AED.
  • Match Five Prize jackpots begin at AED 1M each. Prizes will go to several winners emerge.
  • Each Match Four winner receives AED 1,000.
  • Each Match Three winner receives AED 350.

Mahzooz Lotto Results Search

Mahzooz’s website has the latest draw results available. The previous draw results are available by clicking the Draws tab and the drop-down menu. You can check the live Mahzooz Draw Result online every Saturday.

You can see previous draws from the “Open Menu” section by selecting “Draw.”

Where’s my Raffle ID?

  • There is a Raffle ID attached to each Grand Draw number.
  • You can access your Mahzooz account’s “My Account” section to see your tickets.
  • View your tickets from past draws in your Mahzooz account.


Any individual in the UAE wishing to become wealthy quickly should consider Mahzooz. You should, however, understand the rules, regulations, and everything else you must do to participate in this event, just like any other raffle or online competition. As a result, all you will need to do is create an account, either through a website or a kiosk, and then make your payment.

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