Lucky Nepali Expat Wins Dh23 Million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw

Ranjit Kumar Pal, a Nepali expat living in Qatar, wants to try his luck again after winning Dh23 million in the Series 248 of the Big Ticket raffle draw held in Abu Dhabi.

Pal won with ticket number 232936, which he purchased on January 16. He has been working at a money exchange company in Qatar’s capital for the past seven years. He was overjoyed to hear from Big Ticket representatives about this unexpected windfall as the father of two boys aged five and ten.

“I am overjoyed. I intend to use this money to support my family in Nepal.

With the help of 20 friends, Pal has been buying Big Tickets for the past 15 months and intends to do so in the future as well. He declared, “I intend to keep trying my luck at winning cash, gold, and dream car awards.

The winners of the other cash and dream car prizes during the draw were Indian citizens. Suman Muthaiah Nadar Ragavan won a brand-new Range Rover, followed by Vijesh Viswanathan ($1 million), Shibu Mathew ($100,000), and Ajith Ramachandrakaimal ($50,000) as the second through fourth place winners.

On March 3rd, a lucky winner will receive Dh15 million in the next draw. A second reward at $1 million, a third worth $100,000, and a fourth worth $50,000 are all available.

Additionally, Big Ticket customers will be immediately entered into the weekly electronic drawing for a chance to win one of three prizes of Dh100,000.

Purchases of tickets can be made either online at or in person at the airport ticket counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Airport.

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