Mahzooz Draw Saw the First Guaranteed Weekly Millionaire

There were 1,056 participants, and they received nearly Dh1.4 million in prizes.

The first “guaranteed” lucky winner received Dh1 million in the 119th weekly Mahzooz draw as part of a new set of rewards.

The draw has updated its prizes and included a new element where one player is now guaranteed to win a million dollars each week. Indian immigrant Dipish received the first award of its kind.

The top prize of Dh20 million was not claimed this week, but 1,056 people in total earned Dh1,457,500 in this draw. 25 contestants shared the second-place prize of Dh200,000, and 1,030 people split the third-place award of Dh250.

The weekly draw held live at 9 pm on Saturday. Participants can participate in the weekly draw consisting of the Grand Draw for a chance to win the new top prize of Dh20 million and the new weekly Raffle Draw for a chance to win Dh1 million each week for a “guaranteed” millionaire for Dh35 by purchasing a bottle of Mahzooz water.

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