Three Expats Won Dh100,000 Each in Recent Big Ticket Draw

The expats plan to clear debts and sharing the prize money with their family and friends to help them.

Three customers will have the chance to win Dh100,000 each every week during the month of March thanks to Big Ticket’s guaranteed weekly e-draw. Two New Zealanders and one Indian are among this week’s winners.

Indian citizen Bijin Madhusoodanan has lived in Abu Dhabi for the past 12 years and is presently employed as a driver at Abu Dhabi International Airport. She won the first Dh100,000 during the first weekly e-draw in March. While on vacation, the Big Ticket customer made the decision to buy his winning ticket at the airport. Madhusoodanan began buying tickets after learning about the Big Ticket raffle draw in 2015 from friends.

Gift for Daughter

Rashmi Ahuja, a New Zealander living abroad, was selected as the second Dh100,000 winner in March at the first weekly e-draw. Ahuja has resided in Dubai for the past ten years and is employed as an immigration expert at the moment. The Big Ticket customer bought four tickets using money she pooled with her husband and two of her closest friends, and she intends to give her daughter her half of the wins.

Clearing Debt

Vishal, a local of Dubai, is the third recipient of the Dh100,000 prize for the month of March. A year ago, he learned about Big Ticket through social media, and since then, he has been buying tickets every month. Vishal, an IT consultant, informed the Big Ticket staff that he intended to pay off his debt with his winnings before dividing the remaining sum with his loved ones.

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