How to Play and Enter into Emirates Draw?

Having a better future is everyone’s dream, and is it not yours too? Luckily, Emirates Draw is an opportunity for everyone who wants to have a great lot. Additionally, it is a chance for those people who wish to test their luck.

In this post, we have listed the process of how to play and enter into the Emirates draw!

Why does Emirates hold a Draw?

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Draw is a CSR-focused organization that aspires to promote local environmental causes and activities. ‘For a Better Tomorrow,’ the company’s environmental activities aim to improve “daily living for its lucky recipients and society at large.” Therefore, a free entry to the most fabulous prize in UAE history of Dh77,777,777 is included in Emirates Draw, which is open to everyone over 18.

“A strong social and environmental component” will be available into the draw’s operating model for the first time. A ‘Coral Reef Program’ in Fujairah will plant more than 1.5 million coral reef polyps as part of the inaugural project’s support.

How to participate in Emirates Draw?


Generally, participants in every week’s draw can enter by purchasing a Dh50 coral polyp online at or via one of the expanding number of Emirates Draw-authorized stores.

Selection of numbers

Afterward, when enrolling online, participants can choose their seven-digit number or allow the system to select their number at random. Once a participant’s number has been selected, it is unchangeable, and no one else can choose the same number.


Consumers who have a raffle come with a chance to win Dh77,777 each week if they make a purchase. Moreover, seven winners are selected each week. As a bonus, they will be entered into a second draw with six reward categories, including a grand prize of Dh77,777,777 if all seven numbers correctly call out at once.

How to play Emirates Draw?

The following are the steps to play the Emirates Draw.


Fill out the registration form at with your personal information.

Digits selection

Choose seven numbers of your choice from a range of ten digits (0 to 9). Consequently, the greater the number of options you choose, the greater your chances of winning.


Choose a draw from either the Current Draw or the Future Draw options. Moreover, you can make any necessary changes to the numbers you’ve chosen before submitting the final version of your work.


The next step is to make a payment. Pay for the entire number of tickets purchased online with a debit or credit card. When buying tickets, there is also the possibility of applying promo codes. To obtain these coupons, you must join the loyalty program of “bounze,” which is a partner in the draw.


The registered email address will receive a confirmation of the ticket purchase.


As a result, when you win a reward, the winning amount will be credited to your electronic wallet. The management of this electronic wallet is the responsibility of Emirates Draw.


Finally, Emirates Draw is easy to enter and play, and there is zero possibility of foul play. Therefore, you can trust the results.

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