How to Buy Emirates Draw Tickets?

More than 1.5 million coral polyps will be planted in Fujairah as part of the ‘Coral Reef Programme.’ It is an effort to support marine biodiversity, and one coral polyp costs every Dh50 entry into the draw.

To win, you should know how to buy Emirates Draw Tickets. From or through the Emirates Draw mobile app, you may buy Emirates Draw tickets. Emirates may launch their Draw mobile app soon for people’s convenience. Moreover, One Reef Poly or one ticket costs AED 50/-.

Steps to Buy Emirates Draw Tickets


Enter your username and password, or establish a new account.


Each line has seven numbers in a sequence of your choice. Henceforth, from 0 to 9, there are nine distinct digits in the number system. Entering many lines at once is possible.

Furthermore, use QUICK PICK to let the computer make a decision. For future draws, save the number to your favorites if it is confirmed.

Drawing type

Select a drawing type and then click on it. As a result, it enables you to participate in the current and forthcoming drawing. Moreover, it allows you to select up to five upcoming draw dates and enter your desired line numbers for each one.

Number sequence

It is possible to utilize a different number sequence if a specific number sequence is not accessible. By pressing the QUICK PICK button, the system will do all the work for you.

As soon as your line numbers are available, there will be payment choices accessible. You can use your credit card or your debit card to make a payment.


After that, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your purchase and your registration into the drawing.


You may watch our show in real-time. Emirates will promptly credit any prizes to your Winning Wallet if you’re lucky enough to win.

Emirates Draw Coupon


Select ENTER CODE from the drop-down menu and enter your coupons.


Please enter your 16-digit discount code by scanning the QR Code or entering it manually.

Adding more coupons

Select ADD COUPONS if you want to add more coupons to your cart.

Number generation

The system will generate a number sequence for you based on the number of confirmed coupons you’ve submitted.


You will receive a confirmation email.

Live streaming

You may watch our show in real-time.


Additionally, the Emirates Draw team will notify seven winners and deposit their cash into their Winning Wallets.

How to win


A total of seven balls will be drawn during the live drawing.


There will be a total of seven slots, with balls ranging from 0 to 9.

Order matching

The numbers you enter from right to left, starting from the left, must be exact for you to win the big prize.


Finally, every week, there will be seven guaranteed winners of AED 77,777 each, in addition to the main draw.

Final Words

You should purchase an Emirates Draw ticket from the official website. Otherwise, you may face a scam.

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