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Emirates Draw game is giving prizes weekly to the participants. To become a part of the game, one must make an account on the Emirates Draw website. Moreover, Emirates Draw has launched the Emirates Draw app, which will make account access easy for the participants.

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How much does Emirate’s draw ticket cost?

Getting your hands on an Emirates Draw Ticket costs just 50 Dirhams.

Emirates’ weekly drawing – a simple guide

Step 1

Initially, customers can participate in the weekly Draw by purchasing a Dh50 Coral Polyp online or through a growing network of licensed Emirates Draw merchants.

Step 2

When members sign up online, they can either pick a seven-digit number or let the framework choose one for them. As soon as you select this option, every member’s number will lock, and no one can choose it again.

Step 3

After making a purchase, customers participate in a wager in which seven individuals are guaranteed Dh 77777 each.

Step 4

Consequently, every week’s Emirates Draw will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook at 7 p.m. UAE time each Saturday.

How to Take Part in the UAE Draw

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Emirates draw tickets.


Participating in Emirates Draw is a cinch to do. Therefore, the Emirates draw page has all the information you need. Using a smartphone or other mobile device is even more convenient.

Sign up

Sign up for information on how to participate at www.emiratesdraw.com. Create a new account with Emirates.


‘Join Now’ is at the bottom of the page. Select “Language” at the bottom of the page and choose the language you want. Enter your information and then click the ‘Submit’ button to finish.


Finally, customers can participate in the Emirates Draw weekly Draw by purchasing a Dh50 Coral Polyp on the Emirates Draw website or the expected Emirates Draw app in the future.

Are you familiar with Emirates’ Draw?

An environmental and sustainable development foundation has been established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Emirates Group. The company’s environmental activities aim to improve the quality of life for its winners and the general public.

Prizes and Aim

Dh 77 million is the most significant monetary incentive that the UAE will pay out each week.

Weekly winners

Every week, Emirates Draw will include seven guaranteed winners of Dh 77,777 and a section for a staggering Dh 77,777,777 grand prize.

Emirates draw aim

Emirates’ draw aims to aid local environmental problems. Additionally, to promote CSR initiatives.


With natural motivations, the organization hopes to better the daily lives of its lucky winners and society at large by creating ‘a superior tomorrow’.


Each person has a chance to win as long as they are 18 years old or older.

Final Thoughts

Emirates is a fantastic sports channel in Dubai. On their website, they offer a terrific free live broadcast. When you’re in Dubai, this is a great way to keep up with the excitement. You can play Emirates Draw by following the above steps through the website or on the Emirates Draw app.

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