Emirates Draw Game Rules

When You participate in the Emirates Draw Raffle and Ball Draw games, these “Regulations” outline the numerous rules and procedures that apply. Additionally, to participate in the Raffle and Ball Draw Games, you must agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions listed below, as well as by Emirates Draw’s Privacy Policy.

1. Game-Entry

Service cost

Each Emirates Draw Product or Service will cost AED 50 (Fifty Dirhams) or such other sum as Emirates may establish from time to time.


For each Emirates Draw product or service purchased, you receive one free entry into the Draw.


To enter the Draw, you must be:

A) Age 18 or older at the time of purchasing.

B) You are not barred from entering by the legislation of your home jurisdiction or the jurisdiction where you are entering.

C)Moreover, you must not be: Employees, managers, members of Emirates Draw’s immediate family; third parties, contractors; and individuals on sanctions lists.


Accepted entries will be notified by email, and in-platform notifications. Additionally, a push notification can also be sent.


You can only use the “credits” in your Wallet Balance to enter the Game (s). The UAE financial regulations prohibit the return of credits.

2. Draw

Time selection

Emirates shall choose the day, time, and method of the Draw. Each Sunday at around 9 p.m. (Gulf Standard Time), the Raffle and Ball Draw will be held. However, this timing may be altered for special occasions (e.g., Ramadan).


The draws will also use an internationally accredited Random Number Generator and a Ball Draw Machine.

Conduct of Draw

All draws will be conducted by the Draw Manager, an Insurance Representative, or a Government Representative.


If any Draw is judged invalid, a new Draw will be held to determine the Winning Numbers.

3. Results


All Raffle and Ball Draw prizes are credited to the Customer’s Winning Balance.


After each Draw, the Platform and Emirates Draw’s Customer Service Centre shall post the Winning Numbers as soon as possible. Moreover, the Winning Numbers may be published as Emirates deems fit.


Any mistakes in any announcement or publication will not entitle you to compensation.


The prize money due to winners may vary if the final verified number of winning entries differs from the first advertised number of provisional winning Entries.

4. Winning the prize

Winning numbers

Winning numbers drawn can be used in both the Raffle and Ball draws.

Match prizes

For example, if you win a Match Five Prize, you will only receive the Match Five Prize. (No Match Four, Match Three, Match Two, or Match One Prizes).


All prizes will be rounded to 1 AED (One Dirham).


In-Platform messaging and push notifications will be used to notify prize recipients.

5. Prizes Payment

Customer’s Authentication

As such, Emirates Draw may authenticate a customer before awarding a prize.

Award allocation

Emirates shall only award a Prize based on the official Winning Numbers of the relevant Draw recorded under Emirates Draw’s Rules.


Emirates shall not be held responsible or liable for any Prize paid to a person posing as the Account holder.


No Prize will ever bear interest.


Finally, if you want to play safe and tidy, you must follow the rules and regulations provided by the Emirates.

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